Gracie Cramer

Hello! I am a Praxis Student living near Las Vegas, Nevada. Here is where you will find everything about me you need to know!

Gracie Cramer

Manager, Student


I graduated from Virgin Valley High school with a 4.0 and my advanced honors diploma all while working 2 jobs and building my resume. While in high school I took multiple college classes.

While in high school I managed Splashpad, a drink shop located in Mesquite, Nevada. I started as an entry-level employee and became the operations manager a year later. I also worked part-time at Hole Foods Bakery also located in Mesquite, Nevada.

Following high school I broke the mold and opted out of college. I did a business apprenticeship program called Praxis. It taught me real life skills for the business world.

Born and raised in Mesquite, Nevada I am excited to move somewhere new. I am an avid adventurer and love experiencing new things.


Virgin Valley High School
Advanced Honors Diploma
Mesquite, NV

College of Southern Nevada
Mesquite, NV

Snow College
Ephraim, UT

Present Student

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